Foolscap Envelope Brown (Box=250Pcs)

QAR110.00 QAR95.00

Each envelope is designed to accommodate foolscap-sized documents comfortably, ensuring your papers remain secure and protected during transit. Whether you’re sending contracts, reports, or personal letters, you can trust these envelopes to deliver your messages intact.

With the convenience of purchasing a box of 250 envelopes, you’ll always have an ample supply on hand for your office or personal needs. Upgrade your stationery collection with the Foolscap Envelope Brown, available now on the Trios Stationery online website.


Introducing our Foolscap Envelope Brown (Box of 250 Pcs), now available on Trios Stationery online! Organize your documents with ease and style. Crafted with premium quality brown paper, these envelopes offer durability and a classic look. Whether for mailing, filing, or storage, they’re perfect for office or personal use. With a spacious size accommodating various paper types, our envelopes ensure your important documents stay safe and secure. Order now for efficient document management!