Pilot Hi-Tecpoint BX-V7 Pen (0.7) (Pkt=12Pcs)

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  • 0.7mm tip: The 0.7mm tip creates fine lines, ideal for detailed writing and drawing. It’s a great choice for tasks requiring precision, like filling out forms or creating charts.
  • Comfortable grip: Designed for extended writing sessions, the Pilot Hi-Tecpoint BX-V7 features a comfortable grip that minimizes hand fatigue. This helps you stay comfortable and focused, whether you’re writing a quick note or a lengthy report.
  • Bulk pack: Available in a pack of 12, this pen is a great option for students, professionals, or anyone who needs a reliable pen on hand. With a dozen pens, you’ll have plenty to last through homework assignments, office work, or creative endeavors.

Overall, the Pilot Hi-Tecpoint BX-V7 (0.7mm) is a versatile and smooth-writing pen that’s perfect for everyday use. Pick up a 12-pack at Trios Stationery today and experience the difference!

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The Pilot Hi-Tech point BX-V7 is a popular choice for everyday writing, thanks to its smooth ink and comfortable grip. Here’s a closer look at what this pen offers:

    • Liquid ink technology: This pen utilizes liquid ink for an exceptionally smooth writing experience. Whether you’re taking notes, journaling, or working on creative projects, this pen will keep up with your flow.