Pilot V BALL GRIP (0.7) (Pkt=12Pcs)

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Featuring Pilot’s innovative V Ball ink technology, this pen delivers exceptional smoothness and consistent ink flow, making it a pleasure to write with. The 0.7mm tip creates clean, crisp lines that are perfect for everyday writing tasks, whether you’re taking notes, journaling, or signing documents.

The Pilot V BALL GRIP also boasts a comfortable rubber grip that provides excellent control and reduces writing fatigue. This ergonomic design makes it ideal for extended writing sessions, ensuring a pleasurable writing experience.

Get your pack of Pilot V BALL GRIP (0.7) pens today at Trios Stationery and enjoy the difference that superior writing quality can make!

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Experience the smooth and reliable writing performance of the Pilot V BALL GRIP (0.7) pen! Now available in a convenient pack of 12 at Trios Stationery, this pen is a great choice for anyone who wants a comfortable and dependable writing instrument.